Saturday, January 2, 2010

Welcome to the Pilot Buddy Blog

Pilot Buddy is for Pilots, Student Pilots, and Flight Instructors. Plan, prepare, and execute your flights in an organized manner, have all the basic frequencies at the tip of your fingers (and easy to read), have a place to jot down the ATIS information, and record and track your flight hours.

Student Pilots, this is a great tool for you too! You will be able to plan and log all of your training flights and be able to track your progress toward meeting your training requirements. Also, Pilot Buddy provides you with built-in help for the basic communication calls you will be making during your flight (e.g. Clearance for taxi, Clearance to take-off, etc.). You will be able to use this to review and prepare for your flight.

Flight Instructors, this is a great tool for you to use to track your daily flight activity. You can use Flight Buddy to schedule your flights and track your flight hours with your students. During the flight training, there are handy counters for counting the number of landings and approaches the student has made (just press the button to increment the Landing or Approach counters). No more dialing in the number of landings on Nav-2!

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